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Gran Paradiso Summer School “Fundamental Processes in Earth System Dynamics” 2024 – The Future of Critical Zone

Title:  Gran Paradiso Summer School “Fundamental Processes in Earth System Dynamics” 2024 – The Future of Critical Zone

Location: City Hall, Commune de Valsavarenche (Val d’Aosta, Italy)

Dates: from June 21th to June 28th, 2024

Directors of the course: Antonello Provenzale (CNR-IGG), Timothy White (Pennsylvania State University)

Scientific Secretary: Simona Gennaro (CNR-IGG)

Lectures by: Suzanne Anderson (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA); Emma Aronson (University of California Riverside, USA); Carl Beierkuhnlein (University of Bayreuth, Germany); Sharon Billings (University of Kansas, USA); Ashlee Dere (University of Nebraska-Omaha, USA); River Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan); Philippe Le Coent (BRGM, Montpellier, France); Nikolaos Nikolaidis (Technical Univ. of Crete, Greece); Antonello Provenzale (CNR-IGG); Timothy White (Pennsylvania State University, USA); Edyta Wozniak (CBK PAN, Poland); Adam Wymore (University of New Hampshire, USA).

Application form: please fill out the application form and submit it by email to gpss(at)

Deadline: April 25th, 2024

To download the poster click here 

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